Connect ME puts your Loan Origination System in the palm of your originators’ hands.

Temecula, CA, April 15th, 2017 – LendWorks™, a provider of Technology solutions for the Mortgage industry today announced the release of its mobile platform Connect ME. Connect ME can extend any LOS to the palm of your Loan Officers’ hands. “This is the beginning of a truly revolutionary concept in mortgage lending that is unlike any other mobile platform in the market place”, said Steven Watts, Chief Executive Officer of LendWorks.

“Loan status updates, mortgage calculator tools and uploading document images taken with the phone are common with most mobile apps associated with the LOS,” said Watts, “but to truly extend the originators work space to a mobile platform is much more complex and requires technology not found in the majority of loan origination systems and the legacy platforms supporting them,” he continued.

“Mobility means just that, if the task is started on the mobile platform it must be completed there, you cannot expect the user to open up a laptop to finish the task on a web browser. These hybrid solutions only frustrate the user and are not mobile in the true sense of the word.”

“The mortgage lending industry is in need of a new paradigm in the technology utilized in the origination and processing of loans,” said Mr. Watts. “Legacy LOS vendors have a responsibility to their customer base to not break what is already in the market. Keeping up with industry shifts and regulatory changes like TRID, causes them over time to develop a code base that becomes completely unmanageable and the customer ultimately suffers. LendWorks is fortunate to work from ground zero to bring LOS tools to the market that will address the difficulties lenders are experiencing while keeping up with the ever changing mortgage lending landscape”.

LendWorks is a Mortgage Technology Solutions provider for Loan Origination Systems based in Temecula California.